Everything you should know about removal depression

For most people, removal might have negative consequences in terms of having a hard time to face the fact you have to adjust to new home, new surroundings, new friends, etc. For this reason, many people who relocate experience removal depression which is actually a mourning of the life you left and could never bring back. This usually happens after removal, when the excitement of everything new wears off. This is when you find it hard to accept that you left your old life behind, with all those precious memories, your friends and family to rely on, your job you loved so much. Everything that was familiar is left behind and you have to do it all over again and start from scratch. But, there are ways to avoid depression.

The sense of achievement

The moment you sit down in your new home, as you watch the moving ruck leaving, you feel so proud of yourself for finally getting there and successfully organizing and completing the entire removal. You had so many things to do, from detailed planning and sticking to your schedules, finding reliable and cost-efficient London removal services, to packing and making sure your belongings will arrive safe at final destination.

According to experts, the hardest part is yet to come. You have to unpack all those boxes you packed before and to take care of a never-ending number of post removal tasks. This is a period when your emotions take over. After reality hits you in the face and you realize you are actually there, you might experience post-removal depression after couple of days.

What are the common symptoms?

Depressed GirlPeople deal with these changes differently. Some adjust just fine, others do not realize they are having tough time, but some are severely struck by post-removal depression. Sometimes it can be hard to know if you are experiencing the symptoms of removal depression or you have some other medical issue. But, there are common symptoms related to depression and there are ways to deal with it.

  • Some individuals adapt quickly and are not affected much by changes. They are excited and looking for the brand new world that needs to be explored.
  • Others have some trouble settling in and they need time to get organized, but at the end, they do not realize that post-removal depression has arrived. They somehow manage to cope with depression they never knew was there and finally start a new life.
  • Unfortunately, there are also individuals who experience drastic depression, who cannot get their inner rhythm back and cannot find the purpose that used to bring meaning to their lives. They experience symptoms, such as:

Constant tiredness

A lack of energy and unexplained tiredness can be the symptom of removal depression. Such individual feel tired the moment they wake up in the morning.

Too much sleep

One of the symptoms of post-removal depression is excessive sleeping. You need about 8 hours of sleep to rest but people who are depressed can sleep for 12 hours or more. This is the indicator that something is wrong.

Staying in

You are probably experiencing removal depression if you have no desire to leave your house and go out and have some fun. Such individuals hesitate to do something outside the confines of their home. They reject invitations to socialize and interact with other people. They prefer being on their own

Lack of doing anything particular

People experiencing removal depression do not feel the need to do anything except sleeping or watching TV.

How to deal with removal depression

When you realise that you have almost all of the removal depression symptoms, do not panic. This is a difficult period of your life and what you are experiencing is normal. There are ways to deal with such feelings so you can finally start enjoying your new life.

Meet your neighbours

This is one of those steps you need to go through eventually. Your goal is avoid depression and to meet new friends and socialize. It is important to regain your confidence so start small. You can do it easily. Just say “hi” and introduce yourself to your neighbours. Throw a housewarming party and invite your neighbours and your new colleagues. Greet familiar faces you see every day at a cafe house or grocery store. Soon you will meet people with similar interests and principles and in no time you will have someone to share your feelings and thoughts with. Just be patient. Additionally, you can stay in touch with your old friends and arrange occasional visits. Just because you moved doesn’t necessarily mean your friendships have to end. Keep in touch by sending emails, messages, phone calls, etc.

Explore the city

Depressed ManAnother way to deal with removal depression is to go out and see what your new city has to offer. Once you do this, you will no longer be afraid of unknown and unfamiliar. Start with your neighbourhood, streets and nearby parks. Then take another step and visit the city’s historic monuments, big shopping malls, museums, art galleries, post office, etc. Once you get to know you city, it will become more appealing to you without even realizing. What is important here is that you make the first step, which will create a desire to see more and go out more often.

Find a hobby

Stay away from any sad thought by keeping yourself busy. If you already have a hobby, find a way to get back on track. Perhaps you would like to try something new, something you never imagined you would, like signing up for a dance class, joining a chess club or learning how to paint. Your new hobbies and interests will keep you focused and clear your mind. Also, such meetings are great for meeting new friends.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Removal might have turned your world upside down and broken your daily routine. So you will need time to face changes and acclimatize to new surroundings. You need to relax a bit and think positively because you just survived a stressful removal and it is normal to feel lost and sad. Don’t be hard on yourself and trust your inner strength. One step at a time and you will be more motivated and soon enjoy the benefits of your removal.