The rules of some of the more popular sports

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While sports are already a huge part of our lives there are many areas in the world where they need to be heavily promoted. This is why we will take a look into some of the rules thus hoping to raise interest in some of them. Understanding how a given sport works is the shortest and easiest way of getting interested in it. When it stops being this unknown and unclear activity, that’s when people can get hooked. And we all agree that there is hardly anything better to do with your free time than to play a certain sport. It develops not only your body but your spirit as well. Sports teach us how to be good with other people, how to work as a team, how to lead and how to celebrate wins and take losses. Even if you do not turn pro, the game will help you become a nice person. One day you might run an outstanding man and van team in London and your qualities will perhaps be due to your past in sports.

Certainly we will start with football. This is by far the most popular game in the world and it is played by hundreds of millions of people daily. We can safely say that football really unites people of all ages, races and social statuses. Even the poorest regions in the world have football teams or at least children playing in the dirt. We probably do not need to raise the popularity of this game any further but we simply cannot talk sports without mentioning football. Now ideally the game is played on a grass pitch which should be about 100m long and 60m wide. There are variations as FIFA allows stadiums to have a little longer and respectively a little shorter pitches. There are two teams that play against each other. Players are allowed to touch the ball with any part of their body except for the hands and arms. Sport ArenaThe goalkeepers are the only two players allowed to handle the ball. Their duty is to defend the goal of the team thus not allowing the other team to score. The most convenient thing about football is that it can be played virtually anywhere. Kids do it at playgrounds, in school, in their back yard, on the street and so on. You do not need a full sized pitch or 22 men in order to play. Just get a ball, find enough space, get some friends together and decide on what will play the role of a goal post. Then you simply run after the ball, pass it around or try to score a goal – that’s it. The game is very accessible and this is why it is so popular. Many companies organise little football mini-tournaments as a form of a team building activity. Regardless of the nature of your business you can do it too.  Everyone from Jimmy’s restaurant to a London Man and Van business can get their HR team to conduct such a great outing. One important rule is that you do not kick the opposing players’ feet or legs. This is a serious offense and you risk the chance of being sent off. Yellow cards are given by the referee as a warning while red cards mean that you are out of the current game for good. Here is a famous chart showing which parts of the game of football are most important:

Component Percentage
Tactics 35%
Statistics 25%
Athleticism 10%
Thinking 20%
Confidence 10%

Basketball originates from the USA where it was invented by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, MA. The game looks similar to football in principle. It is also a very popular sport worldwide and many argue that it is in fact the second most played sport on Earth. The court is smaller than the football pitch. It is usually played indoors but can be played outside as well. There are two baskets or hoops as they are often called. The goal of the game is to put the ball through the opposing team’s basket. This game has evolved greatly over the last century and has become very dynamic and athletic. The basket stands at 3.05m and is very hard to reach if you are not tall or jump high. The ball is dribbled by being bounced using the player’s hands. Eventually it is shot towards the hoop in attempt to score. The opposing team cannot push you, trip you or hold you. If you are defender in basketball you can basically use only your chest when it comes to physical contact. You are only allowed to reach for the ball or swat it. You need to have quick feet so that you can stay in position and if you are tall that would be a great advantage. Dunks are some of the most attractive plays in the game. A dunk means that a player jumps towards the basket and strongly puts the ball inside. The game is played over four quarters. A basketball game cannot end in a tie.

Volleyball is another famous sport and it is getting more and more popular as we speak. Its signature characteristic is that while you need to be as athletic as possible, there is basically no physical interaction with the opposing team. This because there is a net between the two teams. The court is smaller than a basketball court and the goal is to get the ball over the net in attempt to make it fall on the ground on the opposing side of the field. Players are not allowed to hold the ball, however. Volleyball has two very specific motions by which the ball is hit or passed. When you pass the ball you are required to push it off over your head using just the fingertips of your hands. A low pass is achieved by holding your hands together, stretching your arms and hitting the ball with the part between your elbows and wrists. The spike is the most spectacular play where a player “sets” the ball close to and over the net for a teammate who jumps high and hits it mid-air with one hand in attempt to make it bounce in the opposing team’s half.

Some other honourable mentions are:

  • Handball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Combat sports
  • Rugby